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Sail at sunset

Sails, Sunsets and Opera Houses

Sails, Sails, Sails It is easy to see where Danish architect Jorn Utzon  got his inspiration from when he designed the Sydney Opera House. The sail belongs to our boat Tunnel Vision and…

image moon and palm

Decisions That Shape your Life

Decisions that Shape your Life Have you ever done something without thinking of the consequences? A simple act of filling in a form, putting it in an envelope and dropping it into the…


The Importance of Being Gran and the Tyranny of Distance

Mid last century it was normal for children to get married, leave home and live in a house in the next street or suburb.  Gran and Grandad lived in walking distance or a…

Who is hiding in the bushes picture

Are you Crazy about Crazes?

Are you Crazy about Crazes? How do they happen and who decides? When I started school, a long time before desktop computers were invented and with television in its infancy, crazes would start…

Send shapes forward

Love Those Circles & Squares

Drawing with MS Word 2007 – 2010   Open a Microsoft Word document  To insert a shape or a group of shapes, go to “insert” then “insert shapes” click onto a shape, then click…


Just a Thought

Just A thought From the Thinking Man to  a sheep, is going from the sublime to the ridiculous.  But this sheep is different. It may think like other sheep, which is hardly at…


The World of Shapes

The Secret World of Shapes  A few years ago I discovered that within a popular word processing program, Microsoft Word, there is a secret way of playing with shapes.  Go to “insert” then…

Who is the Rainbow Girl?

image of the rainbow girlrainbow-girl

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