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A few years ago something quite profound happened that changed my life and I am still amazed. I grew up believing that I was not particularly creative – even now, give me a pencil or a paintbrush and I will prove that it is true.  I cannot draw and I cannot paint. Then one day I discovered that there are secrets hidden within Microsoft Word.

“Insert – shapes” tab is where all the circles and squares are kept. At first sight perhaps not very exciting but once you get the knack of distorting and grouping, manipulating and rotating you are then limited only to your imagination.

Throughout this website I hope to inspire you and your children to unleash your hidden talent and let your inner artist free.  Microsoft Word is a popular word processing program but it is so much more.

All the illustrations in my ebooks and blogs are drawn using MS Word.  Now Granny Jan Can create anything she desires – and she does.


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Who is the Rainbow Girl?

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