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The dancing pig

So You Think You Can Build An App?

The Dancing Pig   A Dancing pig came waltzing by, he danced the light fantastic. He wore a crown upon his head, gold – but made of plastic. This is definitely not Captain…

Colds and Sniffles image

Colds and Sniffles

    Winter Sniffles The dog chased cat into the tree, As the cold sou’wester blew. A magpie sneezed upon the breeze And they all caught avian flu.  

The Super moon image

The Super Moon

        Did you see “the super moon” that filled the sky on Saturday 22 June?  I was trying to capture the perfect shot on my iPhone, when I crashed into…


Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

        I haven’t been creative for quite a while and I am blaming it on a crook back – I was doing a routine chore like oiling our new deck…

Spick N Spanley

A New Age

The New Age Today is 21.12.12 and according to the Mayan prophesy we are coming to the end of one Age and and we are now ready to embark on the next.  May…

Ringo Star from Beatles drumming

It’s The Beatles

Back to the 60s My sister was 60 the other week and we threw a party for her, as you do for such a milestone.  The theme for the party – you’ve guessed…

image of head floating down the river

I stood on the Bridge

When I was a child I came across this little ditty.  I thought it was the funniest things that I had ever heard.  I still find it very amusing.  I don’t know who…

An image of a dancing pig

PorK Chops

      If anyone out there fancies themselves as a bit of a poet.  A creator of little ditties who would like to be a part of “cheep and Cheerful,” please drop…


Little Gems

Three years ago today, my mum died at home surrounded by her loving family.  Although it was very sad for all of us, to my mind it was a perfect death, although somewhat…



                            Watching Swimming in the ocean Deep beneath the sea, Watching all the fish As the fish watch me. Written…

image of dog doing homework

Dog Eared Education

                             Dog Eared Education The dog keeps eating my homework Digesting English and math, He could sit the test And beat all the rest, Avoiding the teachers wrath.   Written and…

frog prince image

The Frog Prince

    The Frog Prince “I am a prince,” said the frog, “Just kiss me and see,” But the girl said that she knew better. “I would rather kiss a dog, Than kiss…


The Willow Wept

      The Willow Wept A weeping willow stood all alone Its branches starting to shake, The west wind sighed And the willow tree cried Turning a puddle into a lake. If…


A Magpie

A Magpie A magpie is clever you know It knows its own reflection. How absurd to think that bird, Admires its own complexion.  If you like, then LIKE the Face Book page.  …

Harry Potter wizard hat and glasses

Give JK Rowling a Knighthood

JK Rowling changed a generation’s attitude to reading.  Our guest blogger, Nancy Liddle has been involved with education for the last 26 years and is now Editor in Chief of the online magazine…

Who is the Rainbow Girl?

image of the rainbow girlrainbow-girl

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