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Give JK Rowling a Knighthood

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JK Rowling changed a generation’s attitude to reading.  Our guest blogger, Nancy Liddle has been involved with education for the last 26 years and is now Editor in Chief of the online magazine thinks that JK Rowling should receive a Knighthood.  Here is what Nancy has to say.

 Give JK Rowling a Knighthood

I was an English teacher for 26 years.   Over that quarter of a century I despaired in Parent-Teacher interviews about kids’ lack of reading books.  I’d ask the parents if they read themselves and the answers were mostly negative.

If parents don’t read – kids won’t read.  I even asked if parents could buy groovy mags like Rolling Stone just so the kids might pick it up and READ.

Then at the turn of the Millennium, early 2000s, a lone British woman got published and her series of books led single-handedly to a revolution of warrior kid readers!  There were millions of kids reading about Harry Potter!

JK Rowling brought reading back to the planet.  As an ex-English teacher, that’s how I saw it.  Kids around the world were demanding Potter books for presents instead of Nintendo!

She brought kids’ faces back to the business of being glued to books.  So why isn’t she the recipient of a glowing honour from the Queen?  She needs to be recognised as the Reading Guardian Angel of the World!

Jan’s eBooks are part of that revolution – her books keep up the momentum of JK’s lonely café writings.  To get a kid to read is to empower them for the rest of their lives.  Illiteracy is not a joke – it’s not fun and it only leads to financial, emotional and professional impoverishment.

A parent is responsible for getting the child to love books and stories and tales and fables in the very first instance.  Bedtime stories and lullabies and old story poems are all grist for the mill and part of the parent’s armoury to get the kid to sleep.

Give the kid a computer pointed at Jan’s website and there’s the beginning of the seeds of learning to read and to find joy in the imagination – this is where books pooh all over films – the imagination makes pictures for itself and no Hollywood budget can match it for glamour and realisation.

JK Rowling must be Knighted (or Damed) and Jan’s eBooks must be brought to the little mountains, your children.

Long live reading and literacy!!

Nancy of

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  1. thanks Jan for publishing my post. i firmly believe in your blog and the power it can potentially bring to young readers. I hope parents agree and that your site takes off like a rocket!!!

    • it was a great post and I agree with you that anyone that can make a child passionate about reading deserves much more than fame and fortune. JK Rowling you are a saint.

  2. Very proud of u Jan and your tenacity in pursuing this hobby. You deserve every success and I hope it just gets bigger and bigger for u. X

    • Thanks Mort, you do realise of course, that if it had not been for you and your beautiful children Dominic and Audrey, none of the eBooks that I write would have been written and hence this website would not exist. I have a lot to thank you for.

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